A Marathon Effort

As the nights draw in and most people try to stay as cosy as possible, you’ll still see some committed runners working through their training programmes this winter.  The London Marathon ballot was announced two weeks ago and so now thousands of runners across the country are training for London 2019.

For many, not getting a place in the official ballot can be disappointing (or perhaps a relief!) and Charity places in the famous run become the next port of call.

At 1851 Trust, we are lucky enough to receive a small number of London Marathon places each year through The Charities Forum which is the collection of charities, of which The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are Patrons.

We are fortunate to have the Duchess of Cambridge as our Royal Patron.

For 2019, we are once again looking for runners to take up the challenge of completing the London Marathon and fundraise for the 1851 Trust.

In 2018, a dedicated team of 5 ran in support of our work and raised an amazing £8000.

One of our runners, Nicky Thompson, a teacher at Carisbrooke College which is a secondary school on the Isle of Wight, shared with us why she chose to run the Marathon for 1851 Trust in 2018; “I heard a number of our students talking about the work they had done with the Trust and was impressed with their enthusiasm and motivation.  They wanted to talk about the activities they had been part of and were very keen to stay involved.  I saw first-hand the impact of practical activities, like those the Trust run, on young people and their attitude to school and their desire to learn.”

Nicky enjoyed the Marathon experience, despite the training throughout winter but said that the benefits far outweighed the sacrifice of time and the sometimes unhelpful British weather “On almost all of my training runs and in the actual race within a couple of miles I was pleased to be out running and definitely felt better physically and mentally at the end of them.”

With some hot weather on Marathon day 2018, it couldn’t have been more different than the severe winter that we had experienced but Nicky was focused on enjoying the day. Her favourite part? “Running the last mile. The first time I ran the London Marathon I just wanted to finish, this time I was determined to enjoy the atmosphere and occasion. The support on the day is phenomenal and can only really be appreciated if you’re running.”

We asked Nicky if she had any advice for our prospective 2019 London Marathon runners; “Take each day at a time. Follow a training programme and if training doesn’t go to plan one week, don’t dwell on it and don’t give up. Tick off the weeks as they go and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can go from 5 miles to 15+ miles.”

If you feel inspired to challenge yourself in 2019 and want to tick ‘Run a Marathon’ off your bucket-list then get in touch to be in the running (!) for one of our London Marathon 2019 spaces.

Every runner will be asked to pay a small registration fee as well as agree to meet a fundraising target.  All money raised will be used to further the work of the 1851 Trust.

Please email Rebecca.Denny@1851trust.org.uk

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