Let us help you get ahead with the 2018/19 school year


We know the end of the school year is in sight, but September will be here before you know it!

Book your class into the Tech Deck for FREE and help ease that ‘back to school’ stress!

We have nine curriculum linked workshops ready to provide a fun, hands on and engaging trip for your pupils. Our sessions complement what your pupils learn in the classroom and how it can apply to a professional sports team.

We have three NEW workshops (tried and tested from our summer roadshow programme) ready to be booked for the new school term:

Hull shapes, floating and sinking: Physics: KS2/3

Why do boats float? What are there so many different shapes? Learn how hull shapes have changed over time and what makes a boat stables. Design and test your own hull shape – will it stay afloat?

Testing materials: Design technology, physics, chemistry: KS3

Explore modern materials and their uses and investigate why different materials are used for different purposes. In this practical workshop, students will learn how engineers stress test parts of the race boat to ensure it is structurally sound.

Renewable energy

Sustainability is key to the future of Planet Earth. Make and test a wind turbine and discover how energy is transformed and utilised onboard the INEOS Team UK raceboat.

Our team are on hand throughout the holidays if you would like to book your class into a session or to have a discussion about which workshop may be suitable for your class.

E: education@1851trust.org.uk
T: 01489 587850

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