Lionfish workshop

Lionfish are wreaking havoc on the reefs of Bermuda.

Originally from the Indian Ocean they have now been found around the Caribbean and Bermuda. As a non-native species to the Atlantic, they have few natural predators so their population is growing and spreading.

They are a carnivorous fish, feeding on other fish and small crustaceans. As they eat the young of several breeds of fish which are commercially important, such as snapper, they are impacting both on the reef ecosystem and the fishing industry.

This is relevant to because Bermuda is hosting the 35th America’s Cup in May-June 2017, in which the British Land Rover BAR team will compete.

This invasion of Lionfish is a topic covered in the Invasive Species workshop as part of school visits to the ‘Tech Deck’ education centre, located in the Land Rover BAR team base in Portsmouth.

Suitable for pupils covering key stages 2 or 3 (ages 8-14), a school visit to the Tech Deck is free of charge and a great way to supplement your school curriculum – simply book here:

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