Introducing our London Marathon runners



“I would like to run for the 1851 Trust because it is something that I really do believe in. I have always been interested in science, hence studying biochemistry as a degree and masters. I worked in industry for a few years as well as travelling before studying to be a science teacher.  During my 14 years of teaching I have been actively involved in encouraging girls and later on all students to study science further (initially I focused on getting the students to study physics when carrying out action research for the science learning centre).  I have also been a runner for a few years and often bring it into my teaching to try and be a suitable role model for an active lifestyle.

Encouraging students to study science is essential if we are to have the future scientists that can solve the many problems that we will be encountering due to global warming, increased populations, antibiotic resistance as well as an increasing aging population. The work the 1851 Trust do alongside teachers is important to help provide us with future scientists.  Showing students that the world of science is hands on and something that they can get involved in helps them become interested in a subject that can sometimes seem very removed from their world. I have seen the impact that active learning, as well as getting students in new and exciting environment has on their interest in a subject and funding the 1851 trust will hopefully help enthuse other students.


“This is the perfect opportunity….my employer Rooster Sailing has supported your charity in the form sailing kit and when I heard there were places available, it was just natural to continue supporting.”


“My degree is in biology and I have a great love of the outdoors and keeping active. This seems a great way of combining these factors.”


“Having been involved in professional sailing for a number of years I’d love the opportunity to give something back to the sport that I’ve gained so much from. Further to that I work closely with the Atlantic Cup’s Education Program, something I’ve always enjoyed. It teaches students about the importance of sustainable living and the mechanics of sailing.”

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