Maritime Roadshow for Girls success


1851 Trust demonstrates success in inspiring young women to consider STEM-related maritime careers

Since wrapping up the Roadshow series in February the team have been focused on evaluating the genuine impact that the STEM days had on the 1,402 young women from 93 schools all over the UK who took part.

Analysing the qualitative and quantitative data from students and teachers before, during, and after the events gave a comprehensive picture of how the experience affected the girls’ attitudes, outlook, and aspirations.

“You can’t underestimate the impact this has. When I see them around school, I can see the keenness in them from what they did; the impact, the confidence, there’s a big push from them.”  Deputy Headteacher, Astor College, Dover.

The data was extremely positive in supporting what we had set out to achieve, which was to:

  • Increase participation, contribution and confidence in STEM subjects at school
  • Inspire young women to consider STEM-related careers in the maritime sector
  • Empower young women to make informed choices about further education and career paths
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of the ‘activity day’ model in influencing young people to consider maritime careers.

“We knew intuitively that these Roadshow days really do inspire the girls to think differently about their futures and consider careers in STEM and Maritime; but having the opportunity to gather a bank of evidence from all over the UK over a 6-month period has meant we can prove it, which is fantastic.”  Kate Mardel-Ferreira, Head of Operations, 1851 Trust.

The report can be downloaded here: Maritime Roadshow for Girls report

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