Q&A with 1851 Trust Ambassador David ‘Freddie’ Carr


With the team finishing top of the leader board of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series, what’s the atmosphere like at Land Rover BAR?
Well we’re feeling pretty excited and energised right now! The final event in Japan was a very intensive few days but the team worked together and came away with the result we wanted. But that hasn’t made us complacent – in fact, I think it’s renewed our focus even more for next year’s America’s Cup.

You’re an ambassador for the 1851 Trust – what does that role mean to you?
It’s a real honour and a role I take very seriously. Sailing is a sport which runs in my family and I’m very lucky that I’ve had such support. But sailing has also taught me everything I know. I can’t think of a major life lesson that doesn’t relate to my sailing life and I know what impact it can have on young people.

Why do you think the work of the 1851 Trust is so important?
I’m proud to be working with an organisation that is not only harnessing the excitement of the America’s Cup to showcase the range of opportunities available to young people but also giving them the tools to try them out. Whether they end up as a professional sailor or discover another talent, like engineering, the Trust is helping them realise the breadth of opportunities available to them.

And finally, what’s been your favourite moment this year with the 1851 Trust?
Anytime I pop into the TechDeck and it is buzzy with kids getting excited about the science behind our racing boats.

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