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STEM Crew HQ is located at INEOS TEAM UK’s ‘state-of-the-art’ base in Portsmouth. Visits offer dynamic educational resource for students and educators to support and promote the STEM agenda in schools.

Located at the team base in Portsmouth, a school trip is a great opportunity to visit the impressive nerve-centre of a professional sports team as they prepare for one of sport’s greatest challenges.


Teachers and students will:

  • learn about the materials used on the boat and sails (Strength vs Weight),
  • test their strength on a ‘grinder’ (Generating Power)
  • see the evolution of sailing equipment and materials
  • drive the yacht on the virtual reality simulator
  • interact with some of the latest technologies used by the race team

The visit will also include a curriculum-linked workshop activity. Choose from the nine workshops below, suitable for ages 11-16 (upper key stage 2-4).

Visitor Information

Within each session, your group will enjoy a hands-on experience and learn about the challenges faced by INEOS TEAM UK and participate in one of the STEM workshops facilitated by our in-house Education team.

The 1851 Trust only has a limited number of places available for independent schools to visit. Places will be made available on a first come first served basis and should be booked through the booking system (below). Independent school groups can book the sessions called ‘Independent School Visit’ only.

Book Your Visit

  1.  Choose which of the  below 9 workshops are most suited to your group (please note: each session has a maximum capacity of 32 students)
  2.  Download and read the Risk Assessment and Tech Deck Health & Safety
  3.  Choose your preferred date from the calendar below and click book to complete the booking form
  4.  Prior to your visit, read the joining instructions and FAQs
  5.  Register with STEM Crew, our FREE online digital teaching platform for additional classroom resources


Check Availability Calendar


Choose a Workshop

Your visit will be 2.5 hours in duration. You can choose from the following nine workshops which are all linked to the national curriculum and suitable for ages 11-14 (upper Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4):

  1. Marvellous Mechanisms
  2. Wings, Sails and Wind Tunnel
  3. Cutting-Edge Materials
  4. Invasive Species
  5. Carbon Cycle
  6. Ocean Health
  7. Hull Shapes, floating and sinking
  8. Testing Materials
  9. Renewable Energy – Wind Power

Marvellous Mechanisms

Physics / Design / Technology: High KS3 / KS4

Understand the principles of pressure and learn how the America’s Cup boats use power from hydraulic systems.  Your groups will then build and test their own hydraulic system (max group size 15).


Wings, Sails and Wind Tunnel

Physics: KS3

Understand the theory behind ‘lift’ and learn how sails work. Design your own sail to test in the wind tunnel.

Cutting Edge Materials

Design / Technology / Physics / Chemistry: KS2

Investigate the the properties of various materials to see what makes them suitable for different parts of the boat. Build your own model boat to test strength vs weight.

Invasive Species

Sustainability /
Biology /
Critical thinking: KS2 / KS3

Learn about the adaptation of species and the impact on the environment. Make a Lionfish as a take-home message abut his particular invasive species in Bermuda.

Carbon Cycle

Chemistry: KS3 

A practical chemistry workshop to demonstrate how understanding the carbon cycle is essential to an America’s Cup team.

Ocean Health 

Biology/ Sustainability: High KS2 /  KS3

This workshop investigates how plastic litter impacts marine ecology.

Hull Shapes, Floating and Sinking 

Physics: KS2 / KS3

Why do boats float? Why are there so many different shapes? Learn how hull shapes have changed over time and what makes a boat stable.  Design and test your own hull shape- will it stay afloat?

Testing Materials 

Design technology, physics, chemistry: KS3

Explore modern materials and their uses, investigating why different materials are used for different purposes. In this practical workshop, students will learn how engineers stress test parts of the race boat to ensure it is structurally sound

Wind Power  

Sustainability is key to the future of Planet Earth. Make and test a wind turbine and discover how energy is transformed and utilised onboard the INEOS TEAM UK raceboat.


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