Tech Deck Q&A with visiting school group

Pupils from Petersfield School in Hampshire spent the morning at Land Rover BAR’s Tech Deck with the 1851 Trust

Today we spoke to Ellie and Robin who are in year 10 at the Petersfield School and came to spend the morning at the Tech Deck at Land Rover BAR.

Had you heard of Sir Ben Ainslie or the America’s Cup before coming here today?

Robin – Yes, I had.  I knew about sailing and had watched some videos of them but that was a while ago and I was keen to learn more about it.

What’s been the high point of today?

Robin – The resources here are really good and we can do a lot with them.  There are a lot of opportunities and its great fun.

Ellie – I experienced the grinder, that was good, I enjoyed that.  Shows you how much effort they put into it, it’s hard work! And just finding out about the team members and how many people are in the team. It’s a lot of people to make it all work!

What activity did you do today?

Robin – We’re building a boat and we’re going to test it for its aerodynamics and hopefully it will be quite good

Ellie – We’re going to see how far it moves with the wind and to test if it breaks!

Do you do science at school and do you like it?

Robin – Yes, it’s good.  I do physics & biology and enjoy both of them.  I definitely like engineering too

Ellie- Yes, I do double science

What do you want to do when you grow up?

Ellie – I want to be a physiotherapist or something like that.  For a sports team or in the Navy.  Or even a midwife, I’m not really sure. Something medical and sporty!

Robin – I’d quite like to be a designing person and design stuff for a purpose, not like a lamp or something, I want to have a purpose for the design.

Do you like the idea of designing stuff like boats or a wing? 

Robin – Yes, yeah, it would be interesting, it could be good fun.

Would you recommend the Tech Deck to your friends?

Ellie – Yes, definitely, it’s really good….!

The boats were judged by Land Rover BAR boat captain Jo Lees


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