Vestas 11th Hour Racing Sailors Help Deliver 1851 Trust Sustainability Workshop

Vestas 11th Hour sailors join 1851 Trust to deliver sustainability workshop

Sailors from Vestas 11th Hour Racing met with local young sailors at the Land Rover BAR Tech Deck and Education Centre to help the 1851 Trust to deliver a sustainability workshop, whilst highlighting the importance of sustainability in their ocean racing campaign.

11th Hour Racing, through their partnership with both Land Rover BAR, as Exclusive Sustainability Partner, and Vestas 11th Hour Racing is inspiring the next generation to be more conscious about their environmental impact.

Charlie Enright, Mark Towill, and Damian Foxall of Vestas 11th Hour Racing spoke about how the team are raising awareness of the impact of plastic pollution and also implementing sustainable practices themselves – both on and off the boat, with examples ranging from using sunglasses made from recycled ocean plastics to working with suppliers to reduce plastic packaging.

Skipper Charlie Enright explained “Ocean health is important to us because it is our race course, our playground, our backyard. We’re going to sail 46,000 miles crossing 4 oceans. But the ocean covers 70% of our world’s surface, it provides the oxygen for every second breath we take and the ocean regulates our climate and our weather. It is very important that we preserve the ocean.”

The Vestas 11th Hour Racing sailors then joined the 1851 Trust’s workshop led by Amy Munro, Land Rover BAR Sustainability Manager focusing on Ocean Health and, in particular, the impact of single-use plastics. They helped the young sailors learn about the scale of plastic pollution; many were surprised to learn that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean (by weight). A sea-bird game demonstrated how plastic enters the food chain inspiring all the sailors to make their own pledge to “Say NO to Single Use Plastics” or to “No longer use plastic straws”.

Young sailor pledges to say no to single-use plastics

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